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UMA: Pray, sanitize and prepare
Pastor Richard Hayes - photo by File photo

In light of the global concerns regarding the Coronavirus, we have been closely monitoring the expert recommendations of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and WHO (The World Health Organization). 

Currently, there are no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Hinesville or Liberty County area. However, that does not mean that we shouldn’t take precautions. The reality is that there is a dangerous virus being contracted and we need to make every effort to ensure it doesn’t have a negative impact on our community. The Bible reminds us in 2 Corinthians 5:7, to walk by faith and not by sight. But we should also be mindful of the wisdom He has given us to help us along the way. 

We encourage every church to do 3 Things: 

#1 Pray Prayer is our ultimate defense of any threat against the children of God. Our faith is built upon the fact that we can express our concerns to Him and that He will respond in our favor according to His will. 

#2 Sanitize This virus has proven to be contracted through human contact with other humans or objects. We must be vigilant in wiping down surfaces, changing our methods of greeting, and covering our mouth when we cough. The most vulnerable populations are our elderly and those with compromised immune systems. The United Ministerial Alliance comments on COVID-19 Coronavirus 

#3 Prepare We strongly suggest that Pastors and Senior Leaders monitor the information and materials being shared by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Our community is adjusting and responding to precautionary measures that are being dictated down through our federal government and these changes are affecting our schools, businesses, and our everyday life. This is the opportunity for The Church to provide a calm, peaceful resolution to the chaotic presentation by the media. 

Most Pastors have made the decision not to cancel services this weekend and it has not been recommended by our local Emergency Management Agency nor by our Local Health Department. Let’s take this opportunity to stand in unity by looking out for our neighbors and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. I believe that Liberty County has some of the best Pastors in the world and we will step to the plate to do the best for our community and churches. We may assist in various areas throughout the fabric of our county, but we specialize in Ministry. 

Let us Pray, Sanitize, and Prepare to lead by doing what we do best, ministering to the needs of all God’s people.

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