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Walthourville Meat Market thanks community
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The Walthourville Meat Market held their inaugural Community Day this past Saturday Oct. 30. It was a fun-filled day in which many vendors came out to support not only the market but the community of Walthourville in general.

The inception for the idea came from one of the owners, Ron De Leon, who wanted to give back to the community for all the support and success that they’ve received over the last 18 years.

Many vendors were on display such as Tamara’s Tidbits, Sticker Dawg, the Classy Mobile Hookah Experience as well as the Paparazzi jewelry boutique and a children’s clothing boutique.

The meat market also provided free hamburgers and hot dogs at the event in addition to bounce houses and face painting for the kids in attendance.

DJ Julian Stokes was also there to provide music. Market owners Ron and Nicole De Leon were very grateful for the turn out and thanked the community for the overwhelming support their business has received over the years.

“We’ve been so grateful and blessed to able to be a part of Liberty County that we just want to be able to do something for the kids and for the people to show appreciation,” said Nicole De Leon. “I want to continue doing this every year.”

Mrs. De Leon wasn’t alone in her efforts as her entire staff worked extremely hard to make this a memorable event for those who came out. She also named Liberty County Sheriff William Bowman, Chief Max Brown, Police Chief Al Hagan of Walthourville and Mayor Larry Baker as strong components for getting the event started.

Mayor Baker was showing his unwavering support while at the event.

He still acknowledged the presence of COVID-19, but was delighted at the turnout and how it did not deter the community from coming out and having a good time.

“This is very exciting to see everybody come out,” said Mayor Baker.

He also shared the same sentiments in seeing this event becoming a staple in the community for years to come.

“We want to continue with events like this. We want to invite and involve citizens of Walthourville and our neighboring cities."

Mayor Baker also used the opportunity to plug an upcoming movie night on Dec. 23rd at 6 p.m.

Mrs. De Leon’s staff was equally as enthusiastic and supportive about the event and have high hopes for the future of doing things like this for the community.

“It’s just something small to put a smile on the community’s face and just give back to what they do for us,” said cashier/ floater Jerilyn DeLoach. DeLoach was also optimistic for the future of this event and saw it expanding even further in the years to come.

“We have a new restaurant opening,” she said. “We’re going to expand the meat market. The parking lot is going to be bigger. I see a bigger and better business opportunity that puts us in a position where can give more back to the community.”

In addition to all the vendors, Together We Rise was also onboard holding a local fundraiser for the community to try and get a burn clinic set up in Hinesville.

“We’re working towards physical and behavioral health for our patients,” said Kathleen Arnsdorff, a representative for Together We Rise. “It’s an outlet that they can get the treatments without having to be in an office. It is a very long process for healing and it takes years for full development.”

Ms. Arnsdorff also would like to participate in the Community Day event year after year and bring up awareness of this cause and she is truly appreciative for the support she has received for her efforts.

“We’ve had an amazing support system through the community and everyone has reached out in a miraculous manner,” she said. “Everyone from all ages, all colors, all sizes, all different disabilities have come together to help us.”

Together We Rise will also be involved in another charitable fundraiser this Saturday at Gata’s on Saturday, Nov. 6, during the Georgia-Missouri game. There will be a cornhole tournament and they will be selling raffle tickets at $5.00 apiece or five for $20.

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