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Walthourville PD to initiate S.A.F.E Program
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The City of Walthourville Police Department in conjunction with the Walthourville Mayor’s Office initiated a program to assist seniors living in the City of Walthourville. Having seniors in the community that do not have family or friends checking up on them regularly has led the mayor and police department to develop “S.A.F.E” – Safety Awareness for Elderly Program.

This program allows the police/fire departments to document in a computer database the names of senior citizens, where they reside, and important emergency contact and medical information. WPD personnel may be assigned to make periodic phone calls as manpower and circumstances permit to see if the senior citizen is in need of any special assistance.

At times police are called to check on a senior citizen’s welfare and there is no answer at the door. The City of Walthourville safety forces are committed to making contact with the resident and could potentially have to force entry into the residence. By filling out the “SAFE” Contact Form with emergency names and contact telephone numbers, police officers can first contact someone to see if they know of a reason the senior may not be answering the door.

Emergency contact information is also vital in the event a senior citizen is ill or has fallen and has to be taken to a hospital. The designated contact person(s) can be notified and answer important medical information.

Senior citizens age 60 and older; those who are 55 and retired; or any citizen that is disabled are encouraged to fill out the contact form. Contact forms may also be obtained through the Walthourville City Hall or at the Walthourville Police Department.

If you or someone you know is a candidate for this program, you may contact Walthourville Police Department at 912-368-6525, or the mayor's office at 912-368-7501 to obtain the form or to inquire further about S.A.F.E.  Participation in this program is completely voluntary.

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