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Walthourville's new mayor pledges unity
Liberty County Probate Court Judge Nancy Aspinwall swears in Walthourville's new Mayor Daisy S. Pray. - photo by Andrea Washington / Coastal Courier
A new era in Walthourville began Monday night when Liberty County Probate Court Judge Nancy Aspinwall swore in the city's new Mayor Daisy S. Pray.
The fourth mayor in the city's 34-year history, Pray pledged during her campaign to be a voice of the people and to keep the interests of residents in mind when making decisions for the city.
With family, friends and residents packed inside the Walthourville Volunteer Fire Department's truck bay for her inauguration, the new mayor vowed to keep her campaign promises.
"Many times people make promises they cannot keep, but I promise you today that I will stay focused on the city of Walthourville and the citizens of Walthourville," Pray said. "I promise to do my very best today and I will always remember how I got here...I'm the mayor that will work for all citizens of Walthourville. Any issue you have about the city, my doors will always be open, at home, in the office, anywhere."
There has been concern among residents whether Pray and the city's five incumbent city council members could work together, but she said the goal of making Liberty County's second largest city the best city in Georgia should override personal feelings.
Councilwoman Patricia Green agreed.
"(The city council) will work with (Mayor Pray) because at this time we all should have what's best for the city at heart," she said after being sworn-in. "There shouldn't be anyone in office that's not ready to work together and do what's best for the citizens of Walthourville because that's why we're all here."
Councilman Larry Baker concurred that the new mayor and council can cooperate, but said officials should not forget the work of former Mayor Henry Frasier.
"(Mayor Frasier) your service and dedication to the welfare of the city will never be forgotten. You have served the city as a city councilman and as mayor and you have served well," he said as Frasier sat quietly in a front row seat. "We are deeply indebted to you for your countless hours, sacrifice, planning and positioning our city...with great opportunity for progressive growth."
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