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Water-war truce hangs on signatures
Updated Wednesday morning
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Meetings of the two parties Monday brought no final settlement to the dispute between Midway and the Liberty County Development Authority over annexation and water service.
A quorum of the Midway City Council, the Liberty County Commission and the LCDA met late last month pursuant to a call to discuss the disagreement that erupted when the owners of a multi-use development, called Sawgrass, petitioned to be annexed into Midway and offered a bond deal to finance water and wastewater service.
Agreement has been reached on many points, but some details remain unresolved. Development authority members decided during their meeting Monday not to sign the most recent agreement, drafted by their attorney, Kelly Davis, until Midway signed.
The Midway City Council, meeting Monday afternoon, asked for additional changes, such as ownership of the water storage tank, before signing.
The Midway City Council hopes to approve the annexation of Sawgrass during a meeting this month.
Other matters discussed by the development authority on Monday included:
• Selling land for non-industrial uses. Tracts included are in Walthourville, Allenhurst, Hinesville, Midway and a parcel along I-95.
• Routes for high voltage electrical lines to serve Tradeport East. There will also be a power substation.
• Clarifying the authority’s minority contracting policy. The authority wants to encourage minority participation in its contracts. Contractors should show minority participation or verifiable documentation of efforts to obtain it.
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