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Waterfront property affected by new BOC approval
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Liberty County Board of Commissioners approved to amend Articles 2 and 3 of Appendix A (Zoning Ordinance) and Article 2 of Appendix B (Subdivision Regulations) to allow accessory structures in the front yard of waterfront properties. The reason behind this was an increase in interest on the part of waterfront property owners, according to Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission officials. Many of these property owners consider the side of their home facing the water to be their front yards according to LCPC Executive Director Jeff Ricketson. Therefore, they view the part of their house facing the road to be their backyard where accessory buildings such as sheds are typically placed.

It was recommended by Ricketson that the BOC approve the amendment lest they have to hear each individual case. With this approval, waterfront property owners can build unattached accessory buildings pending administrative approval. Any piece of land that borders on or touches a body of water, including brackish water like a marsh, estuary, or coastal river also counts as waterfront property. Only those with waterfront property are allowed to build accessory buildings in their “front” yard.

Chairman Donald L. Lovette proclaimed July 27- August 4 as Gullah/Geechee Nation Appreciation Week in Liberty County. Gullah/Geechee Nation Appreciation Week was started in 2012 and, along with the Annual Riceboro Ricefest, has honored the history and culture of the Gullah/Geechee Nation. This year’s theme is “Healin de land and Holdin pun de Culcha.”

The BOC approved a bid for $271,084.84 from R.B. Baker Construction to make improvements for Pine Ave., Cornfield Ave., Rosalind Drive, and Lewis Frasier Road. They also decided to remove Lewis Frasier from the contract and rebid this section of road for another time. 

It was also approved that a road in the Tradeport East Business Center be named after a long standing member of the Liberty County Development Authority board and Chairman of the Liberty County Board of Commissioners, M. L. Coffer. The aforementioned road is currently under construction and will lead to the newest distribution facility of Western Power Sports. It will be called M. L. Coffer Court.

A request from the Frasier Counseling Center was sent to continue the use of D.A.T.E. Funds. The requested amount was $3,000. The request was approved by the BOC.   

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