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Wigs and fade haircuts close out 2018
Jazzy barbershop
Jazzy barbershop barber Jason Ray cutting Kendrel “KJ” Jenkins hair. - photo by Asha Gilbert

At Jazzy’s Barbershop, Barber Corey Alvin says fade haircuts were the top haircuts in 2018 including the nappy afro look with a temp fade cut. A temple haircut most commonly known as a temp fade incorporates a shape up or line up around a man’s temples.

“In 2019 I think everyone is going to go back to the waves,” Alvin said.

Another emerging hair trend in the Jazzy barbershop is the full and long beards. Barber Ricky McGregory said they are coloring, relaxing, and even gluing on lace front beards. A lace front beard is a weave glued to a man’s face then cut down to give the appearance of a full beard.

“A lot of men put a lot of time and effort to growing their beards full and long,” McGregory said. “A lot of customers are treating their beards like haircuts and we give suggestions on various products to maintain their beards.”

At Essence Hair Salon, owner Selena Howard says wig units and versatility were big hair styles in 2018.

“I believe the versatility, convenience, and wigs being a protective style are why a lot of women steered that direction in 2018.”

In 2019, Howard believes healthy hair care, cuts and natural hair care will make another big comeback due to society becoming more health conscious.

“Each summer haircuts are always a trendy hairstyle,” Howard said. “People are becoming more health conscious and I think hair is included more in the conversation.”

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