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Woman steals $4,600 worth of booze
Crime scene tape

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Theft:  An officer was sent to a Highway 196 west liquor store March 26 regarding stolen property. The owner said a woman “with sew in braids” came into his store and “ordered various bottles of liquor,” then had them loaded into her red SUV. 

The man said the woman went to pay, but pressed some buttons to cancel the transaction and get a receipt “making it seem like the purchase went through,” then left the store and the area. As for what she took, it added up to $4,608.94 worth of assorted liquor – the most expensive was a $1,223.75 bottle of D’usse cognac, the report said. 

The woman was eventually identified.  She’s wanted on “multiple warrants through surrounding agencies,” the report said.

Aggravated assault with deadly weapon, simple assault:  Police responded March 29 to a Tupelo Trail address regarding a domestic dispute. There, a man said he got into an argument with his son-in-law and “while they were arguing (the son-in-law) reached into his bag and told him ‘I got something for you’ and pulled out a bottle containing human feces.”

The complainant “stated he was in fear that (the son-in-law) may hit with the bottle or attempt to get its contents on him. (Complainant) stated he picked up a knife and told (son-in-law) to get out,” the report continued. Instead, the son-in-law, “went out the front door, removed the lid to his glass bottle and flung the contents out of the bottle and onto the exterior wall of the residence.”

The complainant said he didn’t use the knife but held it “by his side in case (his son-in-law) attacked him with the bottle,” the report said, adding that the officer checked out the crime scene and “observed the large glass bottle on the ground near the residence, and what appeared to be human feces on the house and ground.”

The man’s daughter had a different story.  She said her husband and father have a long running feud and at some point during the latest argument her father “picked up a large kitchen knife and threatened her husband with it.”

 The woman said she tried to stand between the two and “defuse the situation but her father began swinging the knife in the direction of her husband,” the report said, noting the woman said “her husband went outside the residence, cast a voodoo death spell on her father and then left the scene.”

The officer later talked to the husband, who said his father-in-law picked up a knife and charged him with it, so he left. 

When asked about the bottle, the husband eventually said “he poured the contents of the bottle on the ground for a religious ritual of closure,” then told him the bottle held “special prayer oil and pine cones.” The officer then “asked (the man) if the bottle contained human feces, dead rats or dead roaches. (He) stated it did not.”

There was also discussion of how close the father actually came to his son-in-law with the knife during the dispute. Eventually the officer gave both men a case number and told them how to take out a warrant.

Criminal trespass: A Sequoia Circle resident called police April 8 to report he was having issues with two “juvenile males” in the neighborhood.

The man said “yesterday and today both juveniles walked through his yard. He advised that yesterday one child was coming through and went so far as to sit on his front porch.” The man said when his mother told them to leave “as they were leaving they began to curse and use profanities towards his mother.”

The man said the two kids did basically the same thing again the next day. “When he said something the smaller of the two juveniles began to form his hands into gang signs and curse at him. (The man’s) neighbor even stepped outside to address the issue with the juveniles as well but the continued to be disrespectful and use profane language.”

The man didn’t know where the kids live but suspected it was in the neighborhood due to their “constant presence.” 

He was given a case number and asked to call police if they return.

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