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2020 needs a drinking game
Dee McLelland new

As I sit here after trying to watch what was supposed to be a debate, I have come to a startling conclusion.

We need a 2020 drinking game.

Like any drinking game it is associated with key words which trigger the drinking. I think we have plenty to choose from in this world we have been living in for the last few months. Of course, with what we can expect after the first showing of our presidential candidates last week, we can add another year or more to our sorrows.

So, let’s get started.

First, grab your favorite beverage. It doesn’t have to be alcoholic, but hey, have you looked at your window? Have you watched television or read the paper? Yep, you better grab something good.

Ok, I’m set.

“Optics.” Drink.

When you hear someone say it’s the optics of a situation, that means it goes against the feeling or appearance that some group has decided they don’t like.

 That’s bull. Why are NFL coaches forced to wear a mask when all the players and staff have been tested and deemed negative? It’s the appearance the NFL is worried about.

“Social Distancing.” Drink.

Haven’t we practiced social distancing for ages? If we don’t like someone, we stay away from them. How social can you be when your 6-feet apart. Also, have you noticed the little stickers on the floors of stores are starting to go away? More on that later.

“Opt Out.” Drink.

Plain and simple. That’s quitting. It’s a convenient excuse to get out of work whether you are an hourly employee or millionaire.

“Opt In.” Drink.

If you “opted out,” you can’t “opt back in.” I’m sure that’s going to offend some, but hey, it’s my game.

“These Trying Times.” Drink.

What times aren’t trying? Seriously. Raising children, working, getting your family in a position to be successful? Rising taxes, unemployment, stores closed? Politics? Yep, trying times.

“Overabundance of Safety.” Drink.

When it comes to catch phrases this one is right up there during 2020. Hey folks, we don’t want to get sued so we are doing this in an over…blah, blah, blah. I think I’ll take another drink.

“Trust the Science.” Drink.

Our science changes like the wind. We know certain facts pertaining to the virus which has had us confounded, but the variance in what it can do and what it takes to get it have changed hourly, daily, monthly. The divide on the science goes directly into the political camp you have a seat in.

“False Positive.” Drink.

Our testing, which has bounced from every other company that can spit out a “test,” quickly became a boon for some companies. While so many small businesses closed during this time, corporations gained wealth and advantage that will last for many years. Also, there were many legitimate companies working hard to provide accurate testing and they got pushed to the side while some of the fuzzy ones were laughing to the bank.

“Phase.” Drink.

What phase? One? Two? Three? Here’s what a phase was. Your out of business. Your kind of in business. Your limited in your business. You’re out of business.

“Social Justice.” Drink.

What social justice should be is treating each other like civil people. People should act like law-abiding people, not animals. That goes for citizens, police, even politicians. Some have taken the opportunity of the past few months to facilitate their own personal agendas and thoughts. Laws are there for a reason folks, you break them, you should be, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Transparent, fully out in the open, no pulling strings. If you break the law, you are prosecuted. Citizen, officer, politician.

“Contested Election.” I’m drunk.

Come on America, get it together. 

If you see me say “Hey!”

Dee McLelland is Publisher of the Coastal Courier and Bryan County News.


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