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A bird in the hand can be life-saving
Limerick Plantation
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Good Samaritan: Many thanks to Jane Sweetin of Midway who recently rescued a Mississippi kite, a small relative of the swallow-tailed kite. She said he let her pick him up and take him inside, where she fed him raw meat that he readily ate. I called Nan at The Sanctuary on the Sapelo and Nan came immediately and picked up the bird. Jane said the bird actually would let her hold him and hand feed him.  Nan was to examine him when she got him back to SOS to check for any injuries. Thank you Jane for being a good citizen and giving this rare creature another chance at life. Also, thanks goes out to Jim and Paula Wolfe of Lake George for rescuing three orphaned birds that were barely covered with feathers. They are now sharing my bedroom where they are getting fed six to seven times a day. I also am taking care of a dwarf female rabbit that was brought to SOS. Her name is Luna. Welcome to Moss Zoo!

Relax and enjoy:  I bought a kayak in 2001 and have kayaked the Ogeechee, Satilla, miles and miles of the Altamaha, Oconee, and Ohoopee. But right here in Lake George we have a 90-acre lake that is one of the most relaxing paddles of all. The bird life is so awesome and the lilies, Thalia and pickerel weed are so beautiful right now. I paddled on it this past Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with my friend, Elise Workman of Lake George, and could not believe how many fish jumped in front of our kayaks. To my delight, when I retrieved a bobber, there was a whole fishing pole attached. Elise actually had a fish jump into her kayak. I even got a picture of it. Navigating under the bridge that connects the small lake to the big lake was tricky. So much growth ... with no maintenance in quite some time. We saw great blue herons — including a baby one, geese, mallards with their babies, comorants, egrets and even a four-foot alligator. Kayaking is so easy and relaxing. We settled back and let the breeze push us down the lake. You can go pretty much anywhere on rivers, creeks and lakes with a kayak and you don’t have to have a motor or license to get around. Try it. You’ll get hooked.

Watch your back:
Too many people let their defenses down and there are people out there who notice that and make their move. A boat and a truck were stolen out of Lake George this past Sunday. A month ago, a boat was stolen off Oak Island. Several vehicles had their windshields busted. The boats had no locks on their hitch. I rode around after the word got out and noticed at least eight more boats that were unsecured as well as utility trailers. You can’t be too trusting in the world today. It’s not the 1940’s or 50’s where you could leave your doors and windows unlocked. Some people are getting security cameras put up on their property, which is a good idea. This way, if your property is trespassed on, you have proof of who the perpetrator is. The people that did this just cruised into our quiet community and picked out what they wanted. It takes something like this to make people aware of securing their property. Several years ago, my beautiful bass mailbox was stolen. Nothing was ever done about it. I think that is the “light bulb” over the head. These thieves know nothing is going to be done about it. These events were not even printed in Wednesday’s sheriff’s report. Survey your property. Lock your boat hitch. Keep bicycles inside your garage. Get a security system and/or get security cameras. Let these punks know we’re going to fight back.    

Mark your calendar:
Big yard sale at PoJo’s in Midway next to Ida Mae and Joe’s.
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