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Addressing dire issues
Letter to the editor

Editor, This letter is being sent to address dire issues in Liberty County.

There is a playground being built on Freedman Grove Road, with our tax monies, when every member of the commission board knows that this property was owned by the Gill family. So the Bowens, Coffers, Gills can enjoy this playground at our expense. Who will pay the taxes on it? John 8:32, the truth shall set you free.

For years the residents of Seabrook have fought to get Lake No No Road paved, to no avail. Now that our tax commissioner lives there, the road is now going to be fixed. How convenient! John 8:32, the truth shall set you free.

Let’s just address dilapidated properties just in my area. I called our "so called" code enforcers office back in September to come see a property on Limerick Road. Guess what folks. Our Code Enforcer has done absolutely nothing to address the owner of this property to clean it up. John 8:32, the truth shall set you free.

Try getting a sensible answer from the tax assessors office as to why seniors are still having to pay school taxes. Duh, duh and more duh. John 8:32, the truth shall set you free.

Why do we have a home town owned grocery store, that has jacked up prices, causing a lot of people that have no choice but to shop there because they don’t have a vehicle to drive to Hinesville or Richmond Hill where prices are much more affordable. The Midway council must have some secret agreement with this store to keep real grocers out of Midway.

And last, but not least, Keep Liberty Beautiful needs to concentrate on dilapidated properties and let the prisoners do all the litter pickups. Let’s get moving folks, John 8:32.

Until this time next month, let’s see how many care.

Dot Moss

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