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America being made great again?
Letter to the editor

Editor: To the betrayed:

1. There is no wall, never will be. Not even a down payment.

2. No pesos from Mexico to pay for the wall.

3. Trump cannot bar Muslims from entering America (U.S. Supreme Court.)

4. There is no special prosecutor to investigate Hillary and lock her up.

5. However there is a special prosecutor appointed to investigate Trump and his administration. Imagine that, conservatives.

6. Trump’s son-in-law Gerald Kushner is a specific target of the investigatory body.

7. Trump has not passed one piece of legislation and he has a majority in both houses.

8. Trump has failed to destroy Obamacare. He cannot even get TrumpCare passed.

9. Trump has denied mankind’s contribution to climate change that has been ratified by 195 countries. Rather he has sided with the banana republic of Nicaragua and the evil country of Syria, our new allies in combatting climate change.

10. But, in the Trumpian world of fake facts, The Donald has alienated NATO and our free world allies. Trump’s new friend is Vladimir Putin, Americ’a sworn adversary.

Congratulations Trump voters, America is approaching the stratosphere of America being made great again.

Jimmy Darsey


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