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American soldiers deserve respect
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“Spitting on our outstanding soldiers? That is the one thing that is sure to get my “dander” up.  
Joshua Sparling answered the call of duty, served his country with the 82nd Airborne, garnering distinction and honor, and is currently recovering from his “war wounds” without complaint.
Who would have the audacity to disrespect him with such outrageous behavior as to spit on him at a “peace” rally in Washington, D.C.?
I spent several years stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C., home of the 82nd Airborne, with my father who served his country honorably during the Vietnam Conflict. I have had the good fortune to observe these American heroes everyday.  
In my opinion, there has never, I repeat never, been a more outstanding unit in the Army, except maybe the 101st Airborne at Fort. Campbell, Ky., or the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, N.Y., or the 24th and 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart, — and let us not forget the Ranger elite ... (the list goes on and on, too long for me to enumerate here.)
I am slightly biased, as my husband is a disabled 101st Airborne soldier.  Of course, not everyone will agree. Each spouse has their own loyalties. Military families are widely known for their impenetrable bond and undeniable loyalty felt for the units they support in quiet determination.
You want “peace;” then be “peaceable!”  It is not decent or civilized behavior to spit on anyone; no matter how passionately one feels against the Iraq War. It simply is unbelievable!
Have we not disrespected the Vietnam veterans beyond belief with the childish antics of the anti-war protestors of the 1970’s only to dish it out again to our brave men and women in uniform today? These U.S. soldiers stand up when they are called to do so in a “life-or-death” fight to protect our freedoms and liberties. As a libertarian, I count on them to do so.
In my opinion, they each deserve a salute, a handshake, and a warm, loving hug. I hope others feel as I do and will share their heartfelt sentiments in their own unique way.
Anyone who knows me knows how deeply passionate I am about the love I have for the American soldier serving our beloved country and all those who have and will serve. I stood proudly on Cottrell Field holding my signs to welcome home the 3rd ID soldiers in 2006 with hugs for all. When they return home after this essential new mission has been accomplished with honor and distinction as is expected, (failure is not an option for the soldier) I will be there when the boots hit the ground. You can be assured of that.
Remember, soldiers are called to duty and they respond to protect us as our commander-in-chief has directed. In my opinion, they are absolutely heroes.  
You want to spit on someone? Spit at the mirror for your outrageous behaviors displayed for all to see at the “peace” rally in Washington, D.C.
If you have an “issue” with the commander-in-chief then take it directly to the “chief.” The soldiers take orders as they have been professionally trained to do so — their life and the lives of their comrades depend on it. They do not start wars.
Without the American soldier, we would be speaking a foreign language under some fanatical ideology of the day.
Peace is the ultimate goal — I am sure we can all agree on that “issue;” but how we achieve it requires adult dialogue, civilized manners, rational discourse amongst all concerned parties and a good dose of diplomacy.
President Bush is knee deep in this quagmire and will certainly have to “pony up” to get out with victory and honor, as is expected of a United States presidency. I just hope he does not run that poor horse into the barn before the door is opened.
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