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Animal Control should do their job
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor,

This past Friday morning, Dec 4, 2020, I had “another” incident with a neighbor’s loose pet, as I walked my pets around my neighborhood. I walk my pets daily usually around 7:30 a.m. The neighbor’s pet, an American Bulldog, all too frequently, runs loose around the neighborhood. The problem I have with this situation, my neighbor’s unleashed, loose pet attempts to engage aggressively with my two pets, putting me in a protective tug-of-war, trying to separate my neighbor’s pet from mine. The loose pet chases my Carin Terrier and attempts to mount my female Georgia Hound. This situation exceedingly frustrates me as I have called Animal Control several times to report this situation. Animal Control officers fail to act or intervene. Well, this past Friday morning, as I reported this incident, I was told by the Animal Control Officer that he “COULD NOT” act because “HE” would have to witness such incidents himself. What?? The Animal Control Officer offered to put a trap on my property. I informed this young Animal Control Officer that these incidents are not happening on my property. It happens as I walk my pets around the neighborhood. Also, the trap he offered to place on my property will serve to catch only possums and armadillos that freely roam our neighborhood tearing up our yards. Must I now contact a social worker since law enforcement refuses to act upon a victimized, taxpaying citizen’s plea for help? This is unacceptable. It could influence private citizens to take the law into their own hands because a law enforcement agency will not protect law-abiding citizens. Could such also apply with the police department when murders, rapes, home invasions, muggings, and assaults occur? Will the police department fail to act unless they are witnesses to such crimes being committed?

John Howard


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