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Are we Americans lackadaisical?
Letter to the Editor generic

What ever happened to Americans Attending the Annual POW/MIA and 9/11th Observances?

As American’s have we become lackadaisical in our feeling or are we forgetting our History? I have attended several Observances recently, such as The 9/11th Observance, held in Midway, GA on Sept 11th, 2020 and the POW/MIA Observance held on Friday, Sept 19th, 2020 on Ft Stewart, GA and was truly shocked as to the turnout.  I know there is a lot of other things providing us with challenges this year, however, we must not forget the Meaning of these two very important dates. And we must never forget about what it cost America. Too many Americans have given their lives in support of our Ideals and Beliefs, for the rest of us not to Remember and pay them the Respect they so deserve.

Our future generations, must be taught about these dates and what they mean to America. Even now, our History is being pushed aside, our younger children are not truly Aware of the happened on September 11th, 2020. They are now aware that America was attacked and our way of Life was changed forever. They are not educated that at times Americans must fight and yes die, to preserve the Freedoms we all enjoy. They don’t understand just how on that day, we came together as a Nation to Say, we Are Americans and We Will Stand United. Just as far too many do not understand Just What the POW/MIA Observance and the POW/MIA Flag means. Have we forgotten those we left behind on the numerous battlefields, and those who will never enjoy being with their loved ones.

The organizations who plan and conduct these Observances, do not do it just for their members, but as a Reminder for all Americans. They do it out of Respect not only for this Great Nation, but out of respect to those who went before them and those who did sacrifice all.

I am always around to debate the above and I am willing to go to any organization, church or school and speak not only about the above, but also about American History, in general.

Dennis P. Fitzgerald


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