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Army wives are only human
Military spouse
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I’ll grudgingly admit that I sometimes avoid Army wives. Of course, as an Army wife myself, I know that’s completely ridiculous.
Still, after a couple bad experiences with military spouses and what I thought was unnecessary drama, I tend to hesitate before opening up to anyone married to a soldier. So, I’m trying to get over it.
If nothing else, nearly three years after my husband signed the dotted line and after 100 military spouse columns, I’ve started to realize the stress that the military life brings.
I’m beginning to see that most often it’s a longtime accumulation of problems that finally sets off a spouse.
Having thrown a few fits myself — mostly directed at my poor husband — I know now that a moment or two of venting free from all logic is almost a monthly requirement for a military spouse, not just drama.
But I also know that Army wives, like all other people, are in fact human. We make mistakes, say things we later realize we shouldn’t have said and often act selfishly, without thought of the effect on our husbands or on the bigger picture of our military. We are not perfect.
So after gaining that understanding, I’m trying to conquer my fear of the Army wife. Sure, it’s a little intimidating. And yes, I do understand that some people really do thrive on the drama. But I’m willing to take the risk because I’ve started to realize what I’ve been missing.
As I’ve begun to associate with military spouses once more, I’m realizing that we truly can help each other.
I’m ready to let go of my ignorant and arrogant assumptions and take full advantage of what the military community has to offer, including a large group of wonderful, wise women who need not be ignored.

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