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Blog: Patronizing local establishments
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Topic: Patronizing local establishmentsThis is a word to those people brave enough to own their own business in Liberty County. I live and work in Liberty County, and I try to always give my little bit of business to those who have risked much to be their own boss (been there, done that). Just because you own a business in Liberty County does not mean that people need to give you their business. You have to earn it.Many times when I walk into a locally-owned business, I am not acknowledged at all, much less greeted in a friendly manner. Sometimes I have to walk to the back of the store (walking is difficult for me) to find someone who will either answer a question or ring up my purchase. Many times the proprietor or their employees are engaged in a conversation irrelevant to the business that goes on and on.Let me also say that it is not my problem when you have a headache, or your opening employee called in at the last minute. I still expect to get the service I deserve by being a customer. This is the price of doing business and being your own boss! Over and over I hear local businessmen complaining of prospective customers going to Savannah to shop. That is because of poor customer service in Liberty County.Yes, it is difficult to have your own business. Yes, you have expenses and employee problems. That comes with the territory. But if you want everyone’s business, then show you appreciate that business by being dependable, friendly, and helpful. In time your business will be very profitable, and you will meet countless wonderful people. The rewards are there if you can cut it, and some of them are even monetary.Blogger: realucky42
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