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Blog: The plight of Buffy
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Buffy’s story is a bit of a tear-jerker.
Having been family to the same man since early puppy-hood, this little guy has now had his life completely turned upside down. Buffy is 16 now — years away from his youth, but he still has little boy charm in his smile.
Unfortunate circumstances led the man who cared for him to homelessness and that meant Buffy was homeless as well. They say that home is where the heart is, but the heart isn’t enough to keep mouths fed. With immense sadness in his heart, the man had to give up his faithful companion of so many years.
Buffy isn’t a puppy anymore. His youthful physique has been replaced by a pudgy belly and slightly slower reactions, but he is still very much alive and willing to love and be loved. He may be a senior but his days don’t have to be up yet.
Don’t let his age be his death sentence. Can you give Buffy beautiful golden years? Can you offer him the option of life for however long he can have it?
If you are interested in saving this guy, contact Liberty County Animal Control directly by calling 876-9191 or visiting 279 Briarwood Circle (off of Airport Rd.) in Hinesville.

Blogger: Erinninuallain
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