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Blog Topic: Sunday alcohol sales
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It seems so strange to me that others think that by not allowing people to make choices we can control problems. Abuse of substances take place every day. Should we close pharmacies on Sundays?
We must consider the expansion of our economy and the growth of our city, we are losing out on some very nice business coming to Hinesville due to our small-town attitude. If someone drinks they are going to go outside the town to eat a big meal and spend their money somewhere else ,maybe because they like to have a beer with their seafood. Don’t go crazy I didn’t say without a designated driver.
We already face the problem of most the population who go out and enjoy themselves by dancing and having a drink, traveling on Saturday into other towns. This is all because someone feels two more hours of operation for bars and taverns will change the world.
In closing, this is the most confusing of all, Mr. Troha says that we would not be honoring God, and we would be welcoming a lower caliber of people. Maybe it’s a big secret or I’m the only one who knows that a certain group of people including people fighting for our freedom and leaders of this community who buy, sell and consume alcohol on Sunday in Liberty County. This would be our soldiers, veterans and all connected to someone in the military, and if we take a quick check everyone here is connected somehow to the military.

— Uncledu

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