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Blog: What if Ron Paul wins?
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Just sit back and think for a minute of what will happen to this country when Ron Paul actually wins the presidency... It’s scary isn’t it?
Lower taxes, most bills get vetoed, bringing our troops home, less governmental regulation, smaller budgets, reduction of the national debt, less inflation, open trade, but more importantly, unheard of liberty which leads to abundant prosperity.
No one is even seriously discussing these points except for Ron Paul. And he is the ONLY one that will create action on these items. And if nothing else, even if Congress puts him on a short leash (as they should with any president), at least discussion of these philosophies from the president will make terms like “limited government” and “free markets” and “states’ rights” household phrases. We could be staring in the face of a “great Libertarian awakening” in the early part of this century.
Historians will look back and compare us to 100 years or so to the turn of the 20th century; the government at the time was very lassie faire. Because of this, private industry was allowed to innovate freely and that was one of the greatest times of change and prosperity during the history of the US. In fact, a small and limited government during that time brought about an entire revolution — the Industrial Revolution. It changed this country forever.
What we have in our hands is an opportunity to elect Ron Paul. Not because we worship demogogues, or because of his cult of personality, but because the effect of having someone like Ron Paul in office will drastically change the course of the United States for decades to come. Our children and grandchildren will prosper with greater liberties because of Ron Paul’s policies.
The choice is up to you...

Blogger: Samuel Adams

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