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Boost economic value of Stewart, Hunter
Letter to the editor

Editor: Each year individuals and businesses start off the new year with goals to focus on for a better quality of life. Unfortunately, by this time of the year, many of them have already jumped shipped and abandoned their resolutions.

I am glad to say, this is not the case for Friends of Fort Stewart and Hunter. Since 1999, this organization has been committed to enhancing the overall economic value of Fort Stewart and Hunter. Some people don’t quite understand what that means. Basically, we watch issues and find solutions to make sure Fort Stewart and Hunter have what it needs from the local, state and national government as well as Southeast Georgia communities.

Making sure our soldiers have a great place to train, work, live and leave their families during deployments is critical to national defense and quality of life.

Of course, this can’t be done without the help of various organizations and individuals. This year, these efforts will be led by myself as executive director under the leadership of Hinesville Mayor Allen Brown and Liberty County Board of Commissioners Chairman Donald Lovette. We also have 17 members from various sectors that provide funding and in-kind services to meet the following goals:

1. Lobby elected officials to remind them that Fort Stewart and Hunter is a premier power projection platform essential to the mission of the U.S. Army.

2. Keep our military installation an integral part of the community.

3. Connect military community, local governments, public agencies, businesses, and individual partners for the goal of enhancing the quality of life of everyone in Southeast Georgia.

As we quickly approach the second month of 2017, this letter is a reminder and public announcement that we recommit to serving through a progressive regional relationship.

We are looking for partners to invest in the future of the region and a pledge of support for installation sustainability with a focus on quality of life issues. Any readers wanting to join the effort can visit our website or call 912-977-6202. I’d be happy to speak with them.

Paul Andreshak

Executive Director

Southeast Georgia Friends of Fort Stewart and Hunter

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