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Candidate announces run for city council
Letter to the editor

Editor, I’m a retired combat veteran and member of the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission, and I’m announcing my intent to run for the District 2 seat on the Hinesville City Council.

I’m not a politician, I am a servant leader. My desire is to see the quality of life improved for all the citizens of Hinesville — not just my district, but the entire city.

I’ve served more than 20 years in the U.S. Army, including combat tours in Iraq and Kuwait. I was recognized as the 2013 United Way Volunteer of the Year, and I’m currently serving on the Fraser Center Board of Directors, Court Appointed Special Advocate Board of Directors, LCPC and as director of The Eleven Black Men of Liberty County Inc. I also serve as a youth-ministry leader at Connection Church and an event coordinator for Love-It Productions.

I made Hinesville my home 18 years ago. This is where I chose to raise my family and build my home. This is where I belong.

My platform is one that simply revolves around people. I see myself as contributing to solutions, not just identifying problems. I believe people — regardless of race, religion, creed or financial status — must have a voice in order to feel valued. Improving the quality of life for every citizen shows that they have value.

For the last 14 years, I’ve worked tirelessly mentoring young people and have demonstrated a great passion for the next generation. I’m an advocate for developing and maintaining support programs for youth. I believe that providing resources and opportunities for youth allows them to see a glimpse of who they can become and reach their full potential.

My commitment is to the community, to the growth of my district and the improvement of the city of Hinesville. I believe that the vision of our city cannot be realized until enough people come together — united to make a difference. I want to create a diverse youth council to help leaders sync with the next generation and not only provide them with resources, but assist them in developing marketable skills and establishing networks.

I currently hold an undergraduate degree in management from Columbia College and graduate degrees in leadership and management and human-resources management from Webster University. I’m currently pursuing a doctorate in project management.  

Andrew Williams
Hinesville City Council District 2 candidate

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