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Candidates get equal treatment
News editorial
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There are seven offices up for grabs in Bryan County.  Four are on the board of education, three on the county commission.
These offices help set the direction for our local schools and county government. Both have their fair share of critics, yet, counting incumbents, only 11 candidates were willing to run.
Kudos, by the way, to those men and women who put their names in the hat.
It’s easy to criticize, much harder to serve -- even attempt to serve. Politics can be a tiresome, dirty and stupid business, even at the local level. But it’s also necessary. And at the end of the day and despite countless efforts to make it otherwise, public service is a noble calling.
While we’re on the subject, it’s important to make this clear: One of those running for office is an employee of the Bryan County News. Mindy Boyette, an advertising sales representative, is vying for the BoE District 1 seat. It was her decision and this newspaper, which encourages public service, cannot discourage such efforts among employees.
Predictably, some have already leveled charges of favoritism. Those are untrue. We’ve treated her no differently than any candidate and won’t.
She’ll get no special treatment from us, and those who watch our news pages carefully will see that is true. If anything, we’ll make it harder on her simply because we‘ll go out of our way to make sure we don‘t treat her any differently than we would any other candidate.
In the meantime, remember there are some elections coming up. If you aren’t registered to vote, register. If you still have a hankering to get involved as a candidate, there’s an additional period for independents to qualify. One way or the other, get involved.
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