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Carter flip-flopping should raise flags
Letter to editor
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Editor, Call me what you want for changing my mind on who I want to support in the upcoming 1st Congressional District primary, but I can no longer say I will be voting for state Sen. Buddy Carter.
After an investigative report aired that criticized Carter for proposing legislation that would directly benefit him as a pharmacist, I have seen Carter change his stance on the issue several times. We have to hold him more accountable for his actions.
In the television interview, Carter said that proposing legislation that will put money in his pockets is a borderline ethical issue and that if given a chance, he “probably wouldn’t propose it again.”
However, in a newspaper story last week, the author quotes Carter as saying that it “isn’t a conflict of interest at all.”
We have criticized far better politicians for flip-flopping and keeping us in the dark. Why are we not more upset about this?
Not only do I believe — without a doubt — that this is a conflict of interest, but I believe Carter’s defense that this is just the liberal media coming after him is despicable. It was a Fox News affiliate that reported the story, and when was the last time somebody accused Fox News of being liberal?
We need bold, new, conservative leadership that is willing to fight on our behalf, not pull the wool over our eyes.

— Patricia Zorc

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