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Cartoon symbolic of those who let Obama ruin our country
Letter to the editor

Editor, An editorial cartoon by R. McKee serves as a modern take on the old Hans Christian Anderson tale about the emperor who was swindled by to weavers who promise to make him a suit of clothes that is invisible to people who are stupid and incompetent. When the emperor and his cabinet members cannot see the clothes, they pretend to be able to see them for fear of being deemed unfit for their positions. In reality, the swindlers only pretended to make the suit and clothe the emperor. He isn’t wearing anything.
The cartoon depicts a naked king, a crowd of bystanders and two boys expressing shock over the ruler’s lack of clothing and lamenting that his photo is on the Internet. In my opinion, the two boys represent the Democrats and the Republicans, the king is President Barack Obama and the bystanders are graduates of the public school of government. The groups are watching Obama dance through our country but saying nothing about his actions, which, in this case are not prancing naked, but turning our nation into a third-world country by:
• opening our borders to illegals who have given illness to our citizens.
• alienating our allies while ignoring his oath to protect our country.
• ignoring ISIS and other terrorists who behead Americans and others.
• playing golf as families cry for sick children and mourn their beheaded loved ones.
• violating the War Powers Act and cutting off the space programs.
• bypassing Congress and paying no attention to the Constitution, which he wants to change.
• indirectly taking over the automobile industry and ruining thousands of jobs.
• lying about Obamacare and many other things.
• spending millions on global-warming companies who couldn’t produce jobs and went broke.
•sabotaging the coal and oil industries, again losing jobs.
• appointing czars to replace elected officials in the White House.
• hiding his birth, medical, education and travel records.
• going on 17 lavish vacations and holding extravagant White House parties.
• giving his wife personal servants no other first ladies have had.
• hiring a dog trainer for $102,000 per year and flying his dog and dog trainer to his vacation spots.
• telling the American military to pay their own insurance, plus the shocking VA scandal.
• reducing the size of the military so America is not well-protected.
• sending troops to Africa to stop Ebola instead of sending them to fight terrorists.
• allowing a massive cover-up regarding the IRS targeting conservative groups.
• expanding the executive branch and abusing recess appointments.
• expanding regulatory agencies to allow them to dictate our moves.
• ignoring the “Fast and Furious” disaster that resulted in an American death. He should have fired Holder.
• drawing a line in the sand but then watching Syria twice ignore him and America.
• destroying our relationship with Israel and being rude to Benjamin Netanyahu.
• allowing his wife, who is not elected, dictate what children eat in public schools.
• bungling the “reset,” which was supposed to “re-normalize” our relations with Russia.
These are a few examples of the “change” Obama promised, and there are more. We are watching him destroy the United States and doing nothing. Unfortunately, there are many ignorant people who are oblivious to what’s happening in our beautiful America, no longer the land of the free. Like Jean-Claude Duvalier, dictator of Haiti from 1971-86, we should send Obama into exile or impeach him before he does any more damage.

— Elizabeth Bartlett
Richmond Hill

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