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Christ still found in Christmas
Lines from Long County
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Wow! I hadn’t noticed, how much things had changed during Christmas, until Friday night after a drive in Ludowici, where I live. Boy, was I surprised as I was looking at my neighbors’ Christmas decorations, ranging from various Disney Characters, like penguins, characters from “Frozen,” Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, even a sly looking fox, and those little hot-dog dogs. Some people even had green, red and black dots projected onto their homes and lawn.

Although Christmas isn’t celebrated on the outside as I am accustomed to here in Ludowici this year, it just shows nothing stays the same, except Christ alone.
Joseph, and probably the whole town, was curious and asked his wife, the virgin Mary, “how could it be that you are pregnant by no man?” Mary must have sounded weird when she explained that an angel of God spoke to her and told her the Holy Spirit would come upon her, and He came upon her; and she conceived Jesus the Christ.

The most simple and smallest things may seem too difficult to comprehend and can even sound very ridiculous.
During my drive, I wondered what truly happened to Christmas in Ludowici. I became concerned whether the change was widespread. So Saturday and Sunday, I called around and people in Long County and other states informed me that this has been going on for probably two years.

But I was glad to see that some people remain the same, devoting themselves to their faith and displaying a nativity scene. At one residence, on the lawn, I saw a cross and angels blowing their trumpets with Joseph and the virgin Mary, who was riding on a donkey just prior to the birth of Christ. This display blew me away and gave me a different perspective. How beautifully decorated and creative this Christmas homeowner was.

I met the family, and spoke with a Mrs. Mosely who said, “The angel proclaimed the birth of Jesus, and spoke to the virgin Mary, telling her she would be the mother of Jesus. So we think of Jesus, who died on the cross,so we can have life. Jesus’ birth in the manger portrays the beginning of Christmas. Since so many people know the meaning of Christmas, why then have we strayed away from our faith?”

Since our goal is to grow healthy and have a good life and be the best we can be, I have to remind that there will be challenges along the way for all of us, things that no doubt alter our paths. So I hope this season is cheerful, full of love and happiness. Joy to the world and merry Christmas!

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