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A Christmas poem for 2020
Patty Leon new

Two days before Christmas and no major plans have been made,

No trips, no visits, no lights on display.

No big menu to plan. No feast fit for a king,

No worries on what we should wear or what gifts we should bring.

Instead, I plan a small dinner for four,

Even though we have room for so many more.

COVID has urged us to seek much safer means,

Of sharing our joys, our hopes, and even our dreams.

All seemed so dreary and I was losing all hope,

When along came Santa and he said to me, “NOPE!”

“Don’t let this virus thing destroy all your fun,”

“If you let it do that, well then the virus has won!”

“But Santa,” I said. “This holiday season just doesn’t seem real,”

“People are suffering and getting such a raw deal.”

“There’s no giving, no unity, and everyone’s being silly or mad,”

“Plus, this is our first Christmas without Dad.”

“Well now,” he said. “Some of that might be true,”

“But you should still be grateful instead of blue.”

Santa lifted his arm and pointed to a bright glow above,

The Christmas Star lit the sky offering all peace and love.

“It’s been 800 years since anyone has seen this sight,”

“Yet here you are, witnessing this marvel tonight.”

“As for your dad, he lingers in your head and your heart,”

“And as long as you cherish that, you’re never truly apart.”

Santa had more to say to bring me good cheer,

“You still have family who love you right here!”

“And you have lots of family, although they live far,”

“And they know, deep down inside, what a good person you are.”

I looked up at Santa, and try as I might,

I had a hard time believing that Santa was right.

But then, like the Grinch, something struck at my core,

A feeling that hit me that I dared to explore.

“You’re right Santa, it’s time to sow the right seed,”

“Time to do for others, there are so many in need.”

“Let’s shelter the homeless, give them clothes and warm food,”

“Let’s do all we can to brighten their moods.”

“Let’s treat our neighbors as we would treat ourselves,”

“Golly gee Santa may I borrow some elves?”

“Sure,” he replied. “I’ll send some your way,”

“But I’ll need them all back by Christmas day.”

With that Santa jumped back on the roof,

Jumped in his sleigh and was gone in a poof!

The elves and I went to work with so much to do, 

We wrapped gifts for others and cooked Christmas meals too.

We checked in on family, neighbors, and friends,

We reached out to strangers and came together to set trends.

A new Christmas magic we plan to spread near and far,

Spreading the message of just how lucky we are.

If you are reading this now, well it means you’re alive,

To pursue what you love with a passion and drive.

Time to set aside hatred, differences, and greed,

Give your gifts to others and spread some good deed.

We can do this together, spread love and joy,

Bring love and happiness to every girl and boy.

So, from my family to yours, may your Christmas be grand, 

May you have joys in your hearts and gifts in your hands.

May your season be blessed and this last thing I write,

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Patty Leon is Coastal Courier senior editor. 

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