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City being poorly operated
Letter to the editor
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Editor: I feel this letter is way overdue, for I know most of the employees who work at City Hall, past and present.

They do an excellent job. Same goes for Billy Edwards, who used to be the city manager for Hinesville before he got railroaded out by Diana Reid, who is on the city council. He should still be city manager.

No one at city hall could answer my question about an organizational chart, for some employees thought this was only a military thing. But when I took civilian courses in business management this also was a civilian employer thing because it saves money and is a way labor has to communicate with management when there is a problem. It is also a way management has to communicate with labor on what is being done to solve the problem.

In the case of Mrs. Spier, her problem should have went all the way to the mayor who should have gotten city attorney Linnie Darden to take action because it was a problem between a city employee and a city council member, for most attorneys are qualified labor lawyers.

As for Councilwoman Reid, who started the problem, I feel the city of Hinesville has the right to give out citations to those who have littered property. As a matter of fact, the Hinesville Police Department and the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department should be given the right to write tickets for littered property, for in the rest of Georgia it is a $200 fine.

You don’t find much litter on Fort Stewart because they enforce the litter laws. And if you live in government quarters and you litter or don’t cut the grass, the first offense you will probably end up in the post sergeant major’s office. Third offense, they make you move off post.

Another question comes to mind.

How much city taxpayer dollars were spent by Councilwoman Reid to pay the people to clean up their littered property. I find a lot of property owners who say they don’t have the money to pick up the litter, or they lack pride in keeping Liberty clean and beautiful.

The city of Hinesville needs to quit bullying the Hinesville government’s labor force and go back to work for the people of Hinesville. You need to put sidewalks along every street in Hinesville to include along Highway 196 West to the city limits, from the 15th Street Exentsion to the DA’s office. And you need to upgrade the Liberty bus line with more buses and routes to include a route to the Greyhound bus station in Fleming and all the way to Chatham County to connect with the CAT bus line.

And maybe you need to move the Greyhound bus station closer to the front gate of Fort Stewart. You also need to build up the medical park across the street from Liberty Memorial.

All this bullying by city council sets a bad example for our children.

I hope this information is helpful to someone and Hinesville government.

Robert J. Wetmore


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