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City should review its own documents
Letter to editor
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Editor: Since I attended the Nov. 8 Ludowici City Council meeting, there has been much speculation by the public about funds paid to Vanessa Cunningham. This woman is trying against great odds to bring the city into the 21st century by bringing up to date the charter, ordinances and a series of other things as shown in documents signed by the mayor and city clerk. These things, required by state and federal statutory requirements, are not necessarily good for old politics and, in my opinion, this is the reason for all the turmoil unfolding right before the new government begins its term.
There are legal papers, which I requested and received, that prove Mayor Warren signed a contract for $60,000. There were other checks written, mostly for work done in connection with the election, including funds paid to Ms. Cunningham for her role as chairwoman of the election board.
To remind everyone, as far as I’m concerned, this was our first legal election ever when it comes to counting the votes and how it was managed.
I do know that when I have something to say, I have proof to back up my words. The city clerk also was accused of wrong doing, but according to the legal papers, I don’t see that she should be blamed for anything.
I requested a copy of the audio recording of the Oct. 13 meeting to confirm that the three council members did vote to have Ms. Cunningham go ahead and start work. The vote was on the minutes of the Oct. 13 meeting.
According to a recent newspaper article, one councilman said he couldn’t remember making the motion that everyone voted for so he requested to listen to the tape.
Now regarding my request: While Ms. Manning was out for surgery, the original tape recording and a copy apparently were removed from city hall, leaving no recording of this meeting available for the public. I have put in a legal request with the city attorney, Mr. Kitchings, for this recording. They have to respond to my request within three days. This is like the last situation I had with them over a recording. If it contains inflammatory contents, they will undoubtedly try to keep it away from the public.
Please keep an open mind and don’t believe all the stories going around until the truth comes out. Anyone my age or older is familiar with the tactics used by these old politicians. It’s not us they are looking out for — it’s themselves.
The next regular meeting will be at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 13. Please attend and get involved to better our city.

— Janis M. Goode

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