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Colorado assembly unfit for students
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There has been a lot of discussion on an event at a Boulder, Colo., high school on April 10.
A panel discussion was held at Boulder High School during their annual “Conference on World Affairs.” It was titled “STDs, Sex, Teens and Drugs.”
The uproar, as it rightfully ought to be, is that during the open forum, the leaders of the panel endorsed the experimentation of illegal drugs and sexual activity, among the teens. The panel also went as far as to approve the experimentation of sex between members of the same sex.
The irony is that this event didn’t take place in New York City or San Francisco, or any of the larger cities where we normally read of this type of nonsense; it took place in Boulder, a city of about 90,000. Granted its not Ludowici or even Hinesville, but you figure Boulder is smaller than Dalton or even Albany. Also take in to account that Hinesville has just over 30,000 people, and you see Boulder is not the urban city where you normally expect junk like this to take place.
All students at the high school were required to attend the event that had four guest panelists with — you guessed it — two from Los Angeles, one from New York City and one from Washington, D.C.
One of the quotes from panelist Joel Becker, who is a professor at the University of California said, “I’m going to encourage you to have sex and encourage you to use drugs appropriately, and why, because you’re going to do it anyway.”
Another panelist, Andee Gerhardt, who is a community engagement leader (whatever that is) from New York said, “I just want to impart, find some balance with having fun and experimenting, and enjoy what you are doing. Whether it is learning, or sexually, or with drugs and alcohol, or hanging out with your friends; but keep focused.”
Panelist Antonio Sacre, who also is from Los Angeles noted his displeasure with condoms. “And another thing, it doesn’t feel as good.”
Folks, this stuff was being said to a group of high school kids, as young as 14 years old, from adults who were in a position of authority at a mandated function in an American school.
Woe. How far we have fallen?
But the endorsement of sexual activity for teens wasn’t the only big issue discussed. The panel also openly supported the legalization of illegal drugs.
What is sad is organizations that advocate moral responsibility like the DARE program and abstinence education were criticized by the panel as being ineffective, and in layman’s terms, a waste of time.
Members of the panel also took the time to criticize our commander-in-chief, President Bush, as violating the Constitution with his support of mandatory drug testing.
Fortunately, a few of the kids at the conference took the stance against the panel and said the topics were inappropriate and that a fair representation of abstinence and the harmful effects of drugs weren’t being given by the panel. Thank the Lord, for the good kids out there.
Daphne White was one of these good kids, and her mother, Pricilla White, went to the Boulder Valley School District to voice her displeasure and demand accountability. As Mrs. White was reading some of the quotes from the conference, the school board told her she had to stop reading the quotes because it was inappropriate material for the meeting.
Hmm, maybe that should have been the stance taken by the board and the school, prior to having these folks go into the school and pollute these kid’s minds.
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