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Commissioners, call Bruce
Letter to the Editor
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In the Feb. 28 Courier was printed a letter I penned concerning what I consider an abomination by the Liberty County Board of Commissioners voting themselves a 111 percent pay increase at taxpayer expense.
I was called March 1 by Commissioner Pat Bowen who stated he was against this idea from the very beginning and I advised I knew that and had unintentionally left that fact out in the letter.

My apologies Commissioner Bowen.

By the way, the “guess who said it” quotes were from Commissioner Gilliard (I believe giving back to the community in which one lives is important ...) and Commissioner Walden (… then offer yourself).
I challenge every other commissioner to individually pen a short blurb and explain why you voted for this obscene increase and send it to the Courier, call the editor and he can record your statement, talk to the Courier’s super reporter the next time you see her, or you can call me and

I’ll get the word out. I can be reached at 912-884-6401. If I don’t answer I’m probably in the garden, just leave a message and I’ll get back to you.
Now is not the time to hide your head in the sand.

Bruce McCartney
Trade Hill Community

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