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County doesn't care how it spends taxpayer money
Letter to the editor

Editor, Why would representatives of Liberty County have to go to St. Simons to hold a meeting when there are many places in Liberty County and Fort Stewart? As usual, they don’t care how they spend our tax dollars — travel, hotel and food. And what did they talk about? How to take more of our money and waste it on SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax).
It was even mentioned that they would like to see the state law changed so that the county wouldn’t have to give us as much information as they now must. Hinesville City Manager Billy Edwards wants the ballot more simplified. I guess he thinks that we are stupid and can’t comprehend what’s on the ballot. They just want to tie SPLOST up in a neat ribbon and sneak it past the voters.
They talked about having a question-and answer session. My question is, “When are they going to stop wasting my money?” Just look at what they already spent. How much of that really benefitted the average citizen? Did you benefit from the last SPLOST? How much did they overspend, arrogantly assuming that a new SPLOST would be voted for in 2015? We are in debt because the county commissioners couldn’t keep within budget on that SPLOST. But what can you expect from people who have no business experience?
Come June, expect to be inundated with propaganda from the liberal tax-and-spend politicians.  

Len Calderone

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