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Covered bridges make scenic visit
Limerick Plantation
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Eyesore of the week:  The strange thing about pointing out all these eyesores, is that nothing is being done about any of them.  My nomination for this week is the abandoned, overgrown lot on First Street in Lake George with a junk trailer with windows broken out, sitting in the back of the lot and probably harboring rats and snakes.  According to neighbors, it was abandoned eight years ago.  So does that mean that the county tax office now owns it?  If so, please, please clean it up.

Covered bridges:
  Take a weekend sometimes and drive through our beautiful state and see our wonderful covered bridges that still exist.  Poole’s Mill Covered Bridge is in Forsyth County in the city of Cumming.  Watson Mill Bridge is in Madison County in the town of Comer.  Horace King built this one.  Horace was a slave before the Civil War.  Elder’s Mill Covered Bridge is in Oconee County in Watkinsville.  This bridge was access to the old mill for 27 years until it closed in 1941.  During Jimmy Carter’s term as governor it was rebuilt.  Euharlee Covered Bridge, also called Lowry Covered Bridge is in Bartow County in Euharlee.  The creek Indians called Euharlee “she laughs.”  Last but not least is the Stoval Bridge in White County in Sautee. It was built in 1895.  I’ve seen the Stovall Bridge and the Watson Mill Bridge, but have yet to visit the others.  What pieces of history they are.  

Thought provoking: 
Have you ever read the labels on potted meat and Vienna sausages?  I don’t even want to visualize “mechanically separated chicken.”  

Recorded messages:
  How frustrating is it to call a number and get a recorded message, giving you instructions to “press one for English,” “press two if you are calling about a bill,” “press three, etc. etc. etc.  Whatever happened to good old customer service where you actually got to speak to a live person?  Here’s an example of what the future holds.  You call your doctor and get this recorded message:  “You have reached your doctor.  If it’s your head, press one, if it’s your stomach, press 2, if it’s your heart, press 3 now!  If you’ve died while pressing all these numbers, press 4 and the morgue will be over to pick you up.”  Hey, it could happen.  

Coastfest 2007:  Coastfest is held annually on the first Saturday of October.  Hosted by the DNR in Brunswick, you will find this daylong educational festival is a free, highly interactive event for the entire family.  This year’s festival is on Oct. 6 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the foot of the Sidney Lanier Bridge on Highway 17.  Food and drink for Coastfest is provided by local non-profit organizations for a small price.  There will be 90 exhibitors, with  environmental and educational exhibitors making this a day you won’t forget.  And you’ll be given lots and lots of free items that will be reminders of what a great day you had.  I’m letting everyone know well in advance so you can mark your calendars so you won’t miss this great event.

Rain date for sale:  Since the big yard sale got rained out last Saturday at PoJo’s, Al and Polly said it’s on for tomorrow.  See you there.

Mark your calendars:

Sept. 6-9: Yellow Daisy Festival in Stone Mountain.  Fun for the entire family
Sept. 14-16: Wild Georgia Shrimp & Grits Festival at Jekyll Island.
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