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Crime reporter's alter ego is superhero fanboy
Lewis Levinemay2017
Lewis Levine is retired Army and a longtime correspondent for the Coastal Courier, primarily covering public safety. - photo by File photo

Hi, my name is Lewis and I’m a workaholic.

Unfortunately there are no groups to deal with this symptom, at least none I’m aware of. So, like most workaholics I have to take it upon myself when it’s time to take a moment and smell the roses or whatever else is in the air.

My form of decompressing is disappearing from the area for three days and head to Atlanta where, over the Labor Day weekend, I transform from workaholic reporter to a mild mannered reporter from a small Georgia city with a penchant for letting his alter ego surface while attending the annual science fiction, superhero, and gamers convention affectionately known as Dragon Con.

I was in good company this year as the convention swelled to 80,000 attendees, many wearing recognizable superhero costumes such as Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and so on and so on.

Every year when I feel the burden of covering crime, and accidents which result in deaths, and lately a rash of drownings, start to weigh on me I have to let my hair down and take part in this four-day trip away from the realities of a sometimes cruel world.

If you haven’t been to Dragon Con and you’re a gamer, comic book reader or science fiction fan, let me tell you your missing one hell of a getaway from reality, one of the best you can find in this dimension.

The festivities begin on Saturday morning with a parade of marchers dressed as their favorite character. Many of the costumes are very elaborate and you can tell a great deal of effort is made in ensuring it matches the original.

Aside from the costumes, there is a large array of character generated vehicles, including the 1960s Batmobile, and many other iconic vehicles from favorite movies or TV shows.

This convention is therapeutic for me, it makes me realize that while there is so much cruelty in the world to include our back yards, there’s also a lot of folks who like to take the time to let their hair down and just have fun and enjoy life.

I work hard at not taking things to seriously, including myself, but I fail miserably at doing so, because the job of keeping you, the public, informed is a serious matter to me.

There are many attacks on our profession coming from the highest level of government to the social media pages.

I take these attacks as personally as I take keeping the public informed, and if it means to transition from a not-mild-mannered journalist into my alter ego then so be it.

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you’ve done your job while still keeping your wits about you. And who knows. Next year I may even wear a cape.

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