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Disabled veterans have new dental option
Letter to the editor

Editor: Disabled veterans, are you having to travel 100, 300 or more miles - from my house in Midway it’s 270 round trip - to Charleston, S.C., for dental services?

Does the trip to the only VA dental facility within the Ralph H. Johnson area of operation become an all-day affair for a 30–45 minute appointment?

Are you foregoing dental care just because it’s "too much of a hassle?"

Are you perhaps "paying out of pocket" for VA authorized fental service because it’s a heckuva lot less stress than all that travel?

Being patient No. 1, I’m here to tell you Midway Family Dental is providing disabled veterans authorized dental services at no cost to you, now that RHJ has "vendorized" them as a choice provider for dental services.

And to add some topping for that cake, Navy veteran Dr. Tad Jackson has a whole slew of vets and vet family members staffing his practice. They can not only talk the talk, they’ve walked the walk. You can contact Midway Family Dental at 912-880-2288 for info/appointment.

Bruce A McCartney, SFC, USA (ret -Ch 61)

RVN 7/68 – 7/72 DUSTOFF Medic Combat Medic

Trade Hill community

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