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Dual ceremonies show racial divide
Letter to the editor
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Editor, This is in reference to the two articles on the swearing-in of our elected officials. It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. What does Friday’s article “Sheriff, other elected officials sworn into office for new terms,” which ran with a picture of white elected officials, versus Sunday’s article, “Liberty County’s leaders take oaths, begin new terms,” which ran with a picture of black elected officials and two white females, show us?

These pictures show a racial divide. I recall in 2004 the very first public swearing-in ceremony for Liberty County elected officials received some resistance, but Commission Chairman John D. McIver, former Sheriff Don Martin and other elected officials came together for the community.

The elected officials who planned and organized the first ceremony without inviting the community have failed in their duty of service to the community that elected them. I have received several calls stating that the perception that our elected officials have shown is that they are racially divided. If you take both papers and put them side by side, you to will come to the conclusion that something smells, or that there is a perception of racial division within our local government.

Perception can very quickly become reality. Let not our actions give false perceptions. I am asking all elected officials serving the people of Liberty County to be mindful of the perceptions associated with actions. Don’t give excuses for the perceptions that are addressed by your constituents.

As you are well aware, the need for unity is great, and it is real.

— Graylan Quarterman
Former Liberty County Development Authority member

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