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Effort to eradicate blight won't work
Letter to editor
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Editor, Hmm. I read in the Coastal Courier that Liberty County’s government and various cities’ political leaders have declared a war on blight. You know — yada, yada, yada.
I do, in no small way, admire this “task force” to tackle the horrible problem. However, this governmental/political task force is missing an important part — the military (forget the real-estate “industry”).
Why, just the other day I was on the seventh hole of the Taylors Creek Golf Course on Fort Stewart when I noticed something interesting. Across the street, where battalion command sergeant majors live, no junked or even parked cars or trash could be spotted in or near their yards. Later, I was on the 18th hole when I saw Maj. Gen. Mike Murray going into his Fort Stewart neighborhood. His neighborhood appeared to have the same super-high standards for neatness as the as the command sergeant majors’ area.
After this, I went to my house on Sharon Street in Hinesville. What did I see? Soldiers, as usual, violating several Hinesville city codes and ordinances. I know of at least one instance when soldiers were politely informed of the Hinesville car-parking and poly-cart guidelines, which they totally ignored. I’ve been talking to various Hinesville homeowners, and the situation — especially with soldiers who rent — is getting worse, not better.
Hinesville Mayor Jim Thomas and the city council, these soldiers must think you and all your codes are jokes. So, while I admire this little project to eradicate blight, I predict there will be no lasting affect.
One last thing — don’t waste my taxpayer money on a stupid trash-collecting “pier” at Irene Thomas Park pond.

— Joseph B. Stuart

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