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Encouragement is one leg supporting education
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As we all commit to helping our youth, we find that encouragement is needed at all levels of development, starting at home, in the schools and the community. I will engage on the second of the three-legged stool as it relates to the importance of our educational system. That is commitment.
Liberty County public school system provides opportunities for learning in a safe environment while employing the best and brightest educators for our children. I encourage parents to continue their  involvement in their children’s education by attending conferences, checking homework, spending quality time with them, talking but also listening, giving positive directions and knowing it is OK to redirect.
The public education system in our community is committed to providing a quality education for every child. Public education is unique in the fact that it cannot — and has no wish to — choose its students. The challenge to educate all children, from the academically challenge to the above average and gifted, each with their very own challenges and rewards, is what public education is all about.
As an educator, I view education as the most notable profession in our society, a society of committed educators implementing various educational strategies that challenge the minds of our children. I believe that most educators who view education as a career have less time to devote to complaints, grievances and dissatisfactions of their career.
Mr. Clint Madray, my first principal, was a great leader who inspired one of my views concerning my students and education.  As a young teacher his leadership helped to develop my compassion for our children by reinforcing the fact that my students did not care how much I knew about the subject. They needed to know how much I cared about each of them as an individual. I encourage educators to teach our children with compassion and love, to inspire the desire to learn all that they can and to do their best in everything that life has to offer.
A recent visit to the Career Academy in Douglasville reinforced my views and beliefs that education is my career. My educational career has afforded me the opportunity to help many youth develop into productive citizens, who one day are able to help others. After all, it is my personal belief that the responsibility of each generation is to make the world a better place for the next generation.  
Educators, be encouraged to continue developing good character, setting standards, and evaluating methods used to educate and motivate our youth, as you define educational professionalism. Acknowledging the need to continue the learning process provides the opportunity to become a better educator. When teaching becomes a career and not just a job, responsibilities are embraced as challenges used to enhance self-esteem. Educators, you are needed in all areas of society for our children. If you are not involved in the community, I encourage you to do so. Teachers, your commitment is vital to the economic and social development of our city and county.
Teachers and parents, be encouraged to continue community involvement, learn all you can, embrace your career, respect others, enforce professionalism, and know that I will do the same. As I continue to engage and acquire knowledge to improve and enhance our educational system, please know that you are appreciated for all that you do. I look forward to improving existing programs and the implementation of new and innovated programs within our school system. I and the system are committed to providing the best education possible for our best investment; our children.
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