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EPA shouldn't tell us how to live
Letter to editor
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Editor, The federal government is at it again. Earlier this month, the Environmental Protection Agency released new rules regarding greenhouse-gas  emissions for existing power plants. The EPA is forcing electric companies to cut their emissions 30 percent by 2030. Although this is 16 years away, the power plants will have to start making changes now to meet that requirement. Coal provides almost half of Georgia’s electrical power.
The greatest effect for Georgia is a potential loss of almost 9,000 jobs. The EPA is one of the most-destructive government agencies. What right does the EPA or any government agency have telling us how to live? The EPA is the Gestapo of the Obama administration, and it wants to control businesses and our lives. Such actions cause the economy to shrink as power costs necessitate all businesses to raise their prices.  
Alternative energy, such as wind and solar, sounds good, but in reality, the cost is astronomical and the technology is impractical today. When greenhouse emissions are cut even more, we will see our already-high electric bills soar to levels that will force many Georgia residents to freeze in the winter and suffocate from heat in the summer.
It is Congress’ job to make laws, not government agencies. Why is Congress allowing this? And, more importantly, why is Georgia bowing to the federal government while losing its sovereignty? Will someone tell me where in the Constitution it states that a federal agency has the right to control a state’s economy?

— Len Calderone

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