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Etiquette at the store
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When I was at UGA, many years ago, I took a biology class as part of the required curriculum. One day, the professor asked the 300 of us in the class what we thought was the most important organ in the human body.
Some people answered “the heart,” because without it, no blood would pump, and the body would die. Others said it was the lungs. If we couldn’t breathe, we’d die. Others thought it was the stomach. Without the ability to absorb nutrients, we couldn’t live. One wag even suggested it was the reproductive organ, because without it, the race would die out altogether.
“No,” he said, “the most important organ in the body is the one between your ears — the brain.” Without it, he said, humans couldn’t function at all. And then he told us that God had given us a brain so we could live intelligently, to think things through before we rush in and make a mess.
I wish more people had heard that professor’s words. Maybe they would help them make better choices.
Case in point: I stopped at the Kroger store on 144 on the way home last night. When I went to put my purchases in my car, there were grocery carts strewn all over the place. It looked like folks had just emptied them and then left them right where they were, never mind they were blocking other cars or parking spaces. This, in spite of the fact that there are storage racks easily available in every parking column.
This is so lame, not to mention just lazy. It takes only a minute to push your cart over to the rack and into the one in front of it.
This is just plain being considerate of others who also live here, our friends and neighbors. Those storage racks are intended to make it easy to push those carts out of harm’s way, and to make it easy for the kids who have to go out to collect and return them to the store so others can also use them. That’s what they are there for. Does anyone not understand that?
Richmond Hill is blessed to have three very nice grocery stores. I also go to both the Harvey’s and Publix down the road from Kroger. All have nice folks working there and good selections to choose from. Folks seem to be laziest at the Kroger store, however, and not just with grocery carts. Why that is, I don’t know.
My very first job, as a teenager, was working as a stock boy in a warehouse, putting items on their proper places on the shelves. To this day, I can’t help noticing it when people have left bananas on the bread shelf, hamburger buns in the pet food aisle or, worse, frozen food anywhere in the store but back where they got it.
The last one really burns me, because those items will eventually go bad if left outside the coolers where they are stored and then the store takes a loss. That causes our prices to go up, to cover that cost. This is the same thing as stealing from that merchant.
Be kind, people! If you change your mind about an item while shopping, go put it back where you got it. My mother taught me this simple little rule when I was about 6 years old.
And for heaven’s sake, put those shopping carts in the parking lot racks where they belong! Going to church on Sunday is fine, but if you don’t follow the Golden Rule during the rest of the week, how do you ever think you’re going to get into heaven? It starts right here, at home, every day, simply with being considerate of other people.
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