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A few corrections to a previous Letter To The Editor
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor,

Two correction(s) of my previous letter, in WW2 the Japanese internees were allowed to form a very distinguished regimental combat team in Europe and later in the USAR, Iraq, I researched the Fort Stewart Warrior’s Walk and found that SSG Tiai Frank …from the 442 Infantry (USAR) Pago Pago, American Somoa is remembered there.  

We can also mention the Navajo Wind talkers of WW2 fame (remember all the sins committed against our Native Americans) and how about the Jewish community one of the enemies of the KKK.

I’ve been to the NAZI concentration camp of Dachau and noted the brutality committed there, Remember my brief history lesson on the Hispanic/Latino community and the trails they went through. Briefly watching the WBNA 8-9-2020 game what I saw was the name of Breonna Taylor on their uniforms who died as a result of a Louisville, Ky. Police situation. This was terrible situation and the police will have their due process on this situation. But no name of Sacoriea Turner a young black girl who was riding in a car that had turned into the Atlanta neighborhood, of earlier racial rioting the net result she was murdered (read the whole news story), about 20 jobs lost, loss of local/county/state/federal taxes. Yes this country has its faults, but we are constantly working to fix these faults. See how many people want to get here and how many people want to immigrate to another country.  But we are constantly working to fix our faults, the police generally are the “good guys/girls” remember all lives (even endangered animals) matter and don’t tear down/deface monuments, historical places. Look/research them and work to erect more of them!

Joseph B. Stuart 


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