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Follow the money, drain the swamp
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear editor:

If you really want to see what constituency any politician caters to, start by looking at their campaign contributions (see 

The most recent update shows Lisa Ring has brought in $103,756. Of this, 51.7 percent came from small donors (under $200), 47.3 percent from large donors (over $200), and less than 1 percent from PAC’s (political action campaigns).

Buddy Carter is almost exactly the opposite, bringing in around $1, 400,000 with only 2.4 percent as small donors, 38.8 percent large gifts, and 58.8 percent from PAC’s. Mr. Carter’s numbers are typical of Republican candidates; heavy on the big donations from big donors and light on small donations

Since the Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the same free speech rights as individuals, any and all limits to campaign contributions have gone by the wayside, with money flowing like a river and mostly to republicans. When the richest donors and corporate PAC’s donate, they expect a payback. Coal, oil, and gas (COG) companies want energy policy to concentrate on their products and avoid all other sources as much as possible. 

Pharmaceutical companies want to shortcut the FDA to get highly profitable drugs on the market as quickly as possible. Banks make the highest profits on the riskiest investments, so all the checks and balances put in place to avoid another crash like 1929 or 2007 are quickly going by the wayside. 

If you prefer a candidate that actually listens to the people of their district, then vote for Lisa Ring. If you are OK supporting candidates that make most of their decisions based on who supplied the most campaign dollars, then stick with Buddy Carter and friends. 

Ken Copi


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