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Government should do more to stop identity theft
Letter to editor
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Editor, It does no good for the Georgia Department of Driver Services to have a person who is applying for  a license or ID card bring in a birth certificate, other identification, address verification and proof of who they are to prevent identify theft, fraud or stolen IDs.
The DDS doesn’t send the licenses and cards by registered mail, which requires someone to produce identification and sign for the package. This is risky because most mailboxes in Hinesville and Liberty County are unsecured. A lot of boxes are broken, and the post office leaves it up to rental managers to maintain them.
All one needs to do is look at the mailboxes on Joyner Road. The rental manager complains that someone is taking a screwdriver to damage the locks and pry open the doors. In addition, mail often can be found on the ground. Those items — bank statements, bills, military correspondence — can be used to steal someone’s identity.
The post office in Hinesville is not too swift with the mail, either. My ZIP code is 31313, but I get mail with a 31315 ZIP code, which is Fort Stewart.
The Georgia Department of Driver Services dropped the ball on identity theft, along with the post office and rental managers. A foreign enemy or crazy capitalist really would benefit from the information given out from these sources.

— Robert J. Wetmore

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