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Great American Cleanup needs volunteers
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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Volunteers are the essential ingredients for the Great American Cleanup events this spring in Liberty County.
We are counting on people like you to step up and make a difference by volunteering in our local municipal cleanup days in March and April. Why? Well, if you won’t stand up and make a statement about fighting litter in our communities, who will? I think we often wait for others to make the effort for causes or concerns that actually matter to us instead of taking the lead. I hope you will take the lead this year for the Great American Cleanup. We can live litter-free — or close to it — with your involvement.
According to, more than 4 million Americans volunteer annually for the event.
To do this right, we need your help. We have a large county with many neighborhoods, roads and communities. Please make a commitment now to work on projects where you live.
Every municipality is working to have a special day to stop litter in its tracks, but they need you involved to make that happen. Here are the confirmed city cleanup dates so far:
March 9 — Gum Branch, Allenhurst, East End
March 23 —Midway
April 20 —Hinesville
April 27 —Walthourville, Flemington
TBD —Riceboro
Our roadways often are the only impressions that people visiting or driving through our communities ever see. These roads should leave a positive impression. These cleanups not only will be a chance to pick up unsightly litter, but a symbolic opportunity for us to take back our roads from those who litter.
It is the first step in making a lasting change.
We have to take ownership for what our community looks like. Look around your neighborhood or town to see if there is a project or two that is waiting to happen. If no one else in your area is planning one, step up to the plate and organize it. Cleaning up litter, planting green spaces, cleaning up neighborhood eyesores, removing graffiti and planting flower gardens are ways to make our community shine.
Of course, these types of changes require lots of people power. Everybody can make a difference — male or female, youngsters and “oldsters,” individuals and families, nonprofit organizations and businesses. If you have been one of those people wishing that our community looked cleaner, prettier and safer, now is your time to do something about it!
Please contact me if you are interested in doing your part and say yes when someone calls you for help.
To volunteer, call Keep Liberty Beautiful at 880-4888 or email or contact the local city hall for each city.
Together, we can make sure Liberty County looks like the great community that it is.

Upcoming KLB events
Midway Middle School still is in the top five in the National Dream Machine Recycling Rally, but they need your help in collecting plastic bottles and aluminum drink cans to stay strong. Call Joy Kennedy at 884-6677.
March 2 — Armstrong Center’s “Treasure Liberty Day” project at Flemington City Hall

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