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Greet fall with a walk on a Liberty nature trail
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The Historic Baptismal Trail is just outside of Riceboro on Highway 119. - photo by Photo provided.

Ahhh… Do you feel that? The gradual easing away of the constant state of humidity we’ve been in for the last few months?

I know some days it might still feel like we’re right back in the heat of July, but every evening when the temperature cools down, it is a magical respite from the dog days of summer.

What more perfect way to indulge in this cooling weather than to take a short walk through one of our nature trails in Liberty County. You can actually take in the birds splashing in the water and the changing leaves of the trees instead of counting the seconds it would take you to walk back to your air-conditioned car while contemplating whether it would be worth it to run there.

According to our local weather forecast it looks like it will be cooling off just a bit more in the coming days, too.

Stretch your legs after a long day in the office and get some fresh air while you do it. These trails are easy and on the shorter side making them great to bring along the kiddos. All offer peaceful scenery and an up close look at the flora and fauna of our coastal surroundings.

Fort Morris
This historic site is well known for its connection to the Revolutionary War and the forgotten town of Sunbury. In addition to this historic significance, Fort Morris also has a fantastic nature trail.

Walk among the earthen works that once provided security for the soldiers defending what would one day be Liberty County.

Along this trail, you’ll have a view of St. Catherines Island Liberty County’s barrier island. This view is one with almost no change in the last 100 years, as well as a beautiful one. Fort Morris is also a stop along the Colonial Coast Birding Trail so keep your eyes open for hummingbirds, buntings, woodpeckers and more.

Bryant Commons
In the heart of Hinesville is a large 150-acre park waiting for you to come take a stroll. Around this park is a walking trail perfect for you to stretch your legs. This property was once the homestead of the late Sen. Bryant and his wife. Take in the ponds and fields that were once used for horses back in the day.

As you finish up your walk, stop in and see Alyssa at the ITPA museum. This museum located in the Bryant’s old home, is dedicated to the preservation of the telecommunications industry.

See if the kids can use a phone without a screen for a change.

Historic Baptismal Trail
A historic trail in Riceboro, this nature walk is another one we’ve fallen in love with. The path was once the trail taken by African Americans to be baptized into the Christian faith as early as the 1840s.

It was an active holy place for the local First African Baptist Church until 100 years later in the 1940s.

Now the site features a short walking trail perfect for an evening stroll. Head out to the boardwalk and you’ll still feel the sense of reverence the ancestors of our Geechee communities felt.

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