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Happy days are here again
Letter to the Editor


I have never written a letter to the editor before, but I have been anxiously waiting to write this one. In the July 27, 2016, edition of the Coastal Courier, a local gentleman wrote a letter to the editor and stated that he couldn’t wait until November! He boldly declared that in November he, other Democrats, independents and a few “sensible Republicans” were going to bite the head of the “nasty Republican snake” off and watch it bleed and wither until sundown. He further declared that, at that time, “the nightmare, conservative Republicans” would be dead unless “the poor creature committed suicide before then”.

Well, I am very happy to write this letter and report to your readers (as if they didn’t know) that the “nightmare, nasty conservative Republican snake” didn’t commit suicide and is very much alive and well! It may be a little beat up at the moment, but already seems to be recuperating! On Nov. 8, we nasty, conservative Republicans, many independents, a few disillusioned Democrats and many forgotten men and women spoke loudly and gave President-elect Donald J. Trump a huge victory! We also returned control of Congress to these “nasty, conservative Republicans!” I believe the message conveyed by these voters is to both Republican and Democratic “progressive elites” that they are very tired of the liberal policies that have almost destroyed our country.

The American people have spoken! I pray that soon-to-be President Trump will be able to turn our country around and truly “make America great again”! Yes, as the gentleman ended his letter in July, but for very different reasons I might add, “happy days are here again!” Let the dance begin……

Lynda Hall

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