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Have fun while helping community
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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Are you looking for some fun this week? Or are you feeling like doing some community good?
Either way, I can direct you to what you are looking for.
Join us from 3:30-6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the YMCA soccer fields for some good, old-fashioned green fun as we celebrate the Earth and our environment on Earth Day. We will have over 72 games crafts, activities, displays and entertainment events that are intended to make your little old heart turn absolutely green for the planet.
You are invited hang out, play games, enjoy some activities and possibly go home with a renewed desire to fight litter, recycle and protect our waterways. We all can learn new ways to tread a little more lightly on our world, so join us — I promise you will have fun!
Who could not have fun when people are traveling through storm-drain tunnels, learning how to “twist and sprout,” creating tree art from their arms and hands, making edible aquifers, planting seeds with happy faces and making secret seed bombs to plant surprise flowers?
And, yes, even big kids or mature kids at heart can participate in a lot of these fun activities. All of these activities are geared to get you thinking about ways you can fight and prevent litter, work on personal habits that can protect the host of waterways and wetlands throughout our county, learn more about recycling and the many ways that recycling benefits all of us and find easy ways to put some green on our world with guerilla gardening, seed planting and container gardens. You know if it’s an environmentally-friendly topic, we are working on promoting it.
We also have an opportunity for you to participate in another citywide Great American Cleanup in Liberty County.
The city of Hinesville is hosting its annual spring Great American Cleanup on Saturday, April 26. We will meet at 8:30 a.m. at Bradwell Park in downtown Hinesville to divide up and scour the town. If you would like to join us, please register ahead so we can provide you an official Great American Cleanup T-shirt and a delicious lunch after the cleanup effort.
You are needed so that we can cover as many streets as possible. We want to capture as much litter as possible, but even more importantly, we want to make a powerful statement about who we are as a community and how much we hate litter. It does not have to be a regular part of our lifestyle.
Volunteers are an essential ingredient for litter cleanup events. We are counting on people like you to step up and make a difference by volunteering. Why? Well, if you won’t stand up and make a statement about fighting litter in our community, then who will? I hope you will take the lead this week in your neighborhood and throughout Hinesville for the Great American Cleanup. We can live litter-free or close to it with your involvement.
Actually, picking up litter may be work, but ask any of our groupie volunteers who do this regularly, and they will tell you they actually have fun at these events.
So, working at a litter cleanup can be fun, and fun at Earth Day can be a learning experience. Join us for these events this week. We will be looking for you!
To volunteer or for more information, please call Keep Liberty Beautiful at 880-4888 or email

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