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Health reform, road tax are Democrat scams
Letter to the editor
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The recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court truly saddens me for this country. It also reaffirms a truth U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson aptly stated a couple of years ago and what any thinking person already knew — that these Democrats will lie and cheat to obtain their goals, from the president to the attorney general and right on down the line to the local level.

The American public was assured time and time again that this new “affordable health care plan” was not a new tax, yet the court just ruled that “as a tax” was the only way this law could be implemented. We’ll exempt some though, like the disadvantaged and unions. And the Democrats and uninformed yipped and cheered. I have never met a Democrat who didn’t like a new tax.

Maybe someone who supports this “law” can share with me how they intend to implement this new mandate requirement. We cannot account for more than 20 percent of the “residents” in this country — legal or illegal. So please tell me how we are going to force them to buy health insurance? Oh, if they show up at the ER and don’t have health insurance, we will “tax” (penalize) them a whopping $700.

Wow, that should certainly scare them into submission.

But wait, the IRS cannot garnish or withhold monies because of this violation. So it has no practical implication. So gee whiz, I wonder who will end up paying for all of this? Oh yeah, we will just cut $500 billion from Medicare. You know that elders don’t really deserve all of that care.

Now locally, if the apparent out-of-control spending isn’t bad enough, they want you to “give” more with, you guessed it, another tax. Let’s call this one TSPLOST and, remember, we may not get another chance to vote for this new tax. We’ll exempt some people though, like the disadvantaged)

There is a way to change all of this and save our country: Vote no to new taxes and no to this president and his Democratic cronies in the Senate.

Roger A. Wells
Liberty County

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