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Keep Liberty Beautiful
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I am a pretty positive kind of person.  At times in my life, I have been called a “Pollyanna” — and I know I date myself a lot mentioning this.  
“Pollyanna” was a best-selling 1913 novel by Eleanor H. Porter (no, I was not around in 1913) that is now considered a classic of children’s literature, with the title character’s name becoming a popular term for someone with the same optimistic outlook. I really believe that true, lasting change is created only by positive endeavors.  
I think to create change in our community and in behaviors is to appeal to the positive reasons for changing. You might prevent people from speeding at times by enforcing laws, but I think most people drive normal speeds because they know it is safer.
This month, we will be taking nominations to recognize attractive businesses in our community. These businesspeople do not keep their landscaping and buildings neat and clean because they might get an award. They know that their appearance can attract more business for them.
Many of our local businesses work every day to make shopping and business experiences a pleasure by creating and maintaining attractive locations.
Join us this month in recognizing these outstanding local businesses by nominating them for our quarterly Win-dex Awards. Nominations for this quarter’s awards are being accepted through March 31. This awards program is our way of recognizing those businesses that go out of their way to make a positive statement through their appearance.  
These businesses are run by people who have figured out that looking good tells you about the kind of business that they are. It is good business to be an attractive property.
It also helps to create a positive work environment for those who are employed there. And attractive, successful businesses help draw new businesses to our community because they make our whole community look good. More businesses and more successful businesses mean more good jobs and a healthier local economy.
The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce sponsors the awards program with Keep Liberty Beautiful.
We need your help in giving these local businesses the recognition each quarter that they deserve. Each quarter we select two winners from your nominations.  
Here are some points to consider:
• Is the exterior clean and litter free?
• Is the landscape well maintained?
• Is the building exterior attractive and not in need of repair?
• Is the frontage property mowed?
• Are the sidewalk and parking area clean and maintained and free of cigarette butts?
• Are attractive plantings decorating the exterior?
• Have they recently upgraded or renovated? This could be a simple paint job, a full-scale renovation or new building.
• Is the entryway inviting?
• Do the efforts of this business help to improve an area in our community that would benefit from enhancement?
• Is the business a good citizen that works to maintain the roadway and the right-of-way where the business is located by keeping it attractive and litter free?
• What other reasons make this business a standout? Remember that the reason for nominating a business is a crucial part of the judging of the awards, so make sure that you fully explain why this business is deserving of this recognition.
Nomination forms are available at the KLB office; call 880-4888 or email You also can contact at the chamber of commerce at 368-4445. Awards will be announced in mid-March at the chamber’s next Progress through People luncheon.
Later this month, we will implement our new home-recognition program to highlight homes and yards around our community and their owners who do their best to keep it clean and keep it green.
These homes and businesses are doing their part to create an attractive and inviting community. Do your part and help us recognize their positive efforts.

Upcoming KLB events
Saturday, March 9 — Municipal cleanups in Gum Branch, Allenhurst and on the east end of the county.  To volunteer, call 880-4888 or email or contact the local city hall.
Saturday, March 23 — Municipal cleanup day at Midway. To volunteer, call 880-4888 or email or contact the Midway City Hall

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