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Help sought to kill transportation bill
Letter to the editor

Editor, This is an open letter to the taxpayers of Georgia.
Time is running out on this year’s session of the Georgia General Assembly, and the tax-and-spend shenanigans are getting out of hand.
On Tuesday, the Senate Transportation Committee passed a new version of House Bill 170.
And it’s a doozy.
The new version of HB 170 would:
• Raise the gas tax to 24 cents per gallon,
• Create a new “birthday tax” on all vehicles,
• Create a new “birthday tax” on top of the existing yearly title “fees,” and
• Allow local governments to tax gasoline and spend that money without restriction.
But one of the worst parts of the bill hasn’t gotten much attention — the crony capitalist bank that would give taxpayer-backed loans to “projects” designed to line the pockets of well-heeled special interests.
With just a few days left in the session, the Senate could vote on this tax hike at almost any moment.
Taxpayer, I need you to send a clear, polite, but firm message to your state senator: “No tax hikes. Vote no on House Bill 170.”
You can find your legislators at
Your action today could make all the difference in the world.
So please, call and email your state senator right away.

Nathan Adams, president
Georgia Taxpayers United

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